Sunday, April 29, 2012

~One year ago today~

One year ago today, April 29, 2011
 BFF and I were up at 4:00 am wrapped in blankets on her couch awaiting the beginning of
We had a sleepover (while both hubbies shook their heads in disbelief ) 
that began with pizza and goodies

 while we watched
"The Kings Speech"  
hmmm....somehow I've managed to slip my long time love Colin Firth in here.

Then we went to bed early so we would be bright eyed for the first images 
beamed from across the pond.
Do you remember?
Did you watch it?
I must say, we were not disappointed in the least.
It was beautiful from start to finish.
Elegant and Regal....but not pompous
Every touch was JUST RIGHT.
As a die hard Anglophile, I love the Royals.
Well not all of them, mind you. Mostly just Will and now his Kate of course. I loved Diana and vividly remember watching her wedding on TV all those years ago. 

 And I have
 always loved my dear Queen Elizabeth.
But Will, who is one year younger than my son, has a special place in my heart. I've watched him grow along with my own son and I was so excited when I heard the news
that there would be a  wedding.

The only thing I like better than a wedding ( other than wedding cake, ha ha)
And you know NO ONE does pomp and circumstance better than the Brits.
So needless to say, I was giddy for months before the big event. Driving everyone crazy with each new little detail I uncovered in my endless research.
You can imagine I was over the moon when I received my own invitation in the mail.

But in the end, Gail and I decided to stay home and watch it on TV.
Of course I brought a few little touches along to make our watch party extra fun.

 I made these little cupcake picks, aren't they cute?

So let the show begin. The pre-game:
Hats on Parade

(oh well, every family has one or two.)

Like everyone else we waited breathlessly for the first glimpse of ....that dress

Exactly what a future Queen should look like.

I especially loved the trees lining the aisle of the church,wasn't that a beautiful choice?
I wonder how many people have tried to copy that look since.
 So after the long march toward the sanctuary

Kate finally meets her prince.
 And there Will leans over with his shy Diana smile and greets his Bride.

We did it !!!!!

The Hat Conclave


Of course every good fairy tale  starts with a Prince Charming
and ends with a kiss.
For me
the day ended all too soon.

all wedding photos courtesy of AP or  Getty Images

So tonight, in honor of their anniversary I will snuggle up and watch my DVD
 ( of course I have a DVD ) of the Wedding.

and I will love it all over again.
Happy Anniversary
my own personal motto


  1. Haha! I just love it. I've always been a fan of everything British too (including Colin Firth), and I think Kate is just beautiful. I love her style as well. Great job on the cupcakes!

  2. I must say you do a very fabulous fake British accent my dear!
    Happy Anniversary Will & Kate!

  3. What great memories I have of our own personal royal wedding party! The pagentry, the paparrazzi, the penguin suits, the princess, the prince...and PIPPA.

    I would still commit minor legal infractions for Pippa's dress.

    Wasn't that just FUN?! Geez, it's way past time to have another chick outing so we can have another pajama party!

  4. Hi Terri - I'm so glad you visited my new blog. Even more glad I found you!! Thanks for your comment!

    What a great post. I can't believe it was a year ago. I only caught the end of the ceremony as I overslept....ugggh. But, I did see all the TV recaps, etc. It was pretty perfect. It was also sad as I kept thinking about Diana.

    Tone on Tone

    1. Well welcome Loi, I'm glad you like my little blog. You know I was blown away by your beautiful gardens. Stop by often.

    2. Will definitely be back, Terri! Happy Weekend!! Loi

  5. Terri, found your lovely blog through your comment at Jane Austen Today. Love this coverage of the wedding. I would have had a friend over as you did had my husband not been heading off across the country early the next morning. I had to enjoy the festivities in instant replays the next day rather than watch it as it happened. Of course, I made English teatime treats for the occasion--it's what I do!

  6. Hello Jean, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. It was quite a fun day, and my BF and I had such a great time planning, leading up to the whole event.
    I'm glad you found me through a comment at Jane Austen Today. I love that blog.
    Welcome to The Dressed Up Cottage. I will make a point to stop by your blog as well.


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