Sunday, June 24, 2012

~Terri, Terri, quite contrary ~

Terri Terri Quite Contrary
How does your garden grow?
By leaps and bounds
and a profusion of blooms
and in a blink of an eye it's gone. 

Or at least that's how it seems to me,
as most perennials come to visit for such a short time.
Let's take a look around the garden and see what she has brought us this year
Step inside the garden gate.....
Mr. Wonderful still has to stain the fence 
(boy he loves to hear that)

We moved the arbor here just this Spring, so everything is still in it's infancy stage.
We still have a lot of work to do here. 
And when I say 'we'....I mean 'HIM'. ha ha

I planted the Pink Mandevilla

but the Morning Glory was a volunteer.

'Geurnsey Cream ' Clematis

I even love this Clematis after the flowers are done blooming
These little whirly gigs, are so cute.

 Knockout Rose 'Sunny'
I'm lovin' it.
They burst on the scene in this gorgeous shade of yellow

and then fade to a creamy white

A plant will tell you when they are happy. 
My 'New Dawn' climbing rose was moved to this location 
after the end of her season last year.
She seems VERY happy in this sunny spot.
Here she is at the start of her show

This creamy pink blush color is to die for


'Johann Strauss ' Rose
I love the beautiful soft apricot color
But let me tell you, she's one finicky bush.

But when she's good, she's very very good. of my all time favs
I can never get enough of these big billowy blooms

All of my Peonies are heirlooms, transplanted from long abandoned farm houses
so I don't know their names
Crepe Myrtle 'Natchez'

with her flirty crepe paper blooms

Here we are in the third week of June,
but Spring started several weeks early for us due to the unseasonably warm temps.
So our season is actually much further along than the calender states. It's more like mid-July as far as the flowers are concerned.  Most of these beauties have been here, graced us with their charm and now they are gone.....except for a few

Window box of annuals

Aren't  the green edges on this petunia 'Pretty Much Picasso', pretty much adorable?

Hostas still thrive in mid summer

I love the southern saying
"A welcoming front porch is just good manners."

And St. Francis takes it upon himself to be part of the welcoming committee.
He does a fine job.

He and his rabbit warren of friends.

Hmm....I could have sworn I started out with only TWO rabbits..... oh well

My doorbell

'Bolivian Jew and Bacopa' in urns at the front door

Hope you enjoyed the little tour

So I say to my garden:
Thank you 

I am grateful for the show
I applauded every bloom
though your beauty was  fleeting
and ended all too soon.

See you next Spring

Sunday, June 17, 2012

~A day in the life on the porch ~

Summer days on the back porch
where the livin' is easy.
No fuss
No muss
Spills?......who cares?
And for me, early morning is always the best part of the day.

Here's the morning sun, just peeking over the trees

I love the phrase " sit a spell."
(I'm quite good at it, actually)
and to me there's
nothing like swinging on the porch swing.
Nowhere to go
No place to be
Just the creaking of the chain as the swing rocks to and fro.
Here you can enjoy the morning,
listen to the birds gossiping
and take in the beauty of the day unfolding
Ah, there's that first slice of light

I collect sheets from yard sales to use on my porch swing. Because I like the look of  their faded charm.
The cushions underneath are outdoor cushions so they're  fine in the elements. And the sheets are so easy to wash and wear.

Look what happens when you sit quietly on the porch swing.....we
caught these little fellas waiting for Mom to come home with some goodies

lush, green Ferns have a cooling effect,

and along with the bubbling fountain
make a summer morning on the porch irresistible.
But of course the animals think the fountain is their 'personal drinking fountain'.
After all it is just the perfect height.
You know Elizabeth Bennett

and this is Rocky.

Our home has served as an animal convalescant home of sorts for many years.
They show up on our doorstep; the ragged,  the road weary..... the orphaned.
They stop for awhile and they eat, they rest, they heal, and then mostly they move on.
So 'Rocky' is the latest in a long string of visitors. He showed up after an obviously
 nasty cat fight
couldn't resist the pun. ha ha   ...(hence the name, Rocky)
And so he will stay for as long as he needs.

Lizzie is a very good friend.
"Are you ok?"

If the swing is not available, don't fret
there are two other rockers to choose from as well.

This wicker rocker we've had forever.
The wooden chair, Mr. Wonderful rescued from a yard sale and worked his magic on it.

If you're up to it, we could have a quick game of   tic-tac-toe.
Hmmm.....looks like Mr. Wonderful is about to win.

We love to eat outside. But the late afternoon sun was making it rather uncomfortable.
We hung an outdoor blind, but then I decided I wanted something

I'm loving our solution. Soon these little 'Boston Ivy' plants will grow up to be big boys
 and  bring cool shade and beauty to the space.

Don't you just love my new flea market find?

wisps of clouds  dotting a perfect summer sky
as the afternoon is upon us.

There is always something beautiful about a horse in a field.
So, lucky me, I get to enjoy
our neighbors' horse, right outside our back door.

Before you know it  the day is done
and the sun is setting in the western sky

yes, life if pretty good here on the back porch.

Come and sit a spell, won't you?