Sunday, March 31, 2013

~The Easter Table~

The Easter Table is always a Welcome to Spring.
No matter the weather, no matter the date on the calender, if it's Easter then it's Spring in my heart and on my table.

I went with a simple and serene table setting this year. A green and white theme.

But with Grandkids, I still had to add a bit of whimsy. So each place setting has their own little Easter vignette.

My chargers are bronze metal. Chris Madden from JCP

And Me???

Why I'm just a little ol' 
Mother Hen 
waiting for all her chicks
to gather 'round.

Happy Easter 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

~ The Vintage Bathroom ~

It's really just a nod to a vintage feel.
I want all the modern amenities......
I'm not crazy !!

Vintage dresser reborn as bathroom vanity

Mr. Wonderful put a fabulous finish on here using
Minwax Helmsman meant for marine use
So it can stand up to pretty much anything 
I throw at it.

Sorry about the blurry pic  :(

Gotta have a little bling.
I try not to have too much silver as I don't have a full staff
of servants at my disposal to keep everything polished .
And since I don't have enough gumption to do it but twice a year I try to keep it to a minimum. but I do love to have a few pieces here and there, to give me the look 
and feel I'm after. 

One of my favorite pieces,
passed down from Mr. Wonderful's side of the family.
She is my Blue Lady

Darling little vintage chandelier

close up of the ceiling. Everyone always asks me about it.
It's wallpaper. I love the 3-D bronzey look of it

My own little corner of the world.
The female equivalent
of the 'work bench' 

Vintage, or Traditional
French Country or Modern
The most important part of the bathroom is .......
A BATHTUB that begs to be filled with bubbles!!!
Taking a long hot bubble bath is more than a luxury for me.
It's practically a necessity. 
It's how I decompress from the week.
It's where all my inspiration lives.
I did a whole post on my love of a good bath. 
You can check it out here


Sunday, March 10, 2013

~ Angels in our midst ~

"You either believe that nothing is a miracle,
or you believe
that EVERYTHING is a miracle."
                                                                      -Albert Einstein

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.  ~Michelangelo

I'm with Albert.
I believe that all of life is a miracle.
I think we are surrounded every day with all these tiny glimpses of the Divine,
that go mostly unnoticed
because we are too busy, too noisy.
Many times we are unable to see clearly in the moment
it is only as we look back over our shoulder
that we can realize that a chance encounter, or perhaps
that lucky coincidence
was something much bigger.
 I like to have Angels tucked into my decor to remind me.
I love their graceful form, with or without wings. :)

The library fairy is not technically an 'angel'  but her feelings would be very hurt if I left her out of this post. So let's you and I just wink wink and agree to include her here today.
And besides she's done such a wonderful job
of watching over the library for all these years.

some of the most beautiful examples are found in cemeteries; 
like this lovely 'grieving angel'

Hebrews 13:2
Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,
 for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

All God's angels come to us disguised.  
~James Russell Lowell

In fact sometimes they show up with 
chocolate pudding on their face;

Sometimes they look like this...............

 But more often than not, it is simply this................

Don't be so busy that you miss your miracle,
or miss the chance
to be someone else's miracle today.