Sunday, March 24, 2013

~ The Vintage Bathroom ~

It's really just a nod to a vintage feel.
I want all the modern amenities......
I'm not crazy !!

Vintage dresser reborn as bathroom vanity

Mr. Wonderful put a fabulous finish on here using
Minwax Helmsman meant for marine use
So it can stand up to pretty much anything 
I throw at it.

Sorry about the blurry pic  :(

Gotta have a little bling.
I try not to have too much silver as I don't have a full staff
of servants at my disposal to keep everything polished .
And since I don't have enough gumption to do it but twice a year I try to keep it to a minimum. but I do love to have a few pieces here and there, to give me the look 
and feel I'm after. 

One of my favorite pieces,
passed down from Mr. Wonderful's side of the family.
She is my Blue Lady

Darling little vintage chandelier

close up of the ceiling. Everyone always asks me about it.
It's wallpaper. I love the 3-D bronzey look of it

My own little corner of the world.
The female equivalent
of the 'work bench' 

Vintage, or Traditional
French Country or Modern
The most important part of the bathroom is .......
A BATHTUB that begs to be filled with bubbles!!!
Taking a long hot bubble bath is more than a luxury for me.
It's practically a necessity. 
It's how I decompress from the week.
It's where all my inspiration lives.
I did a whole post on my love of a good bath. 
You can check it out here



  1. Hi, Terri -
    Thanks for the tour of your bathroom! I love that it does not look like a typical bathroom. Full of vintage and one-of-a-kind items, it is full of charm and character. The dresser / vanity is perfect for that niche.
    Happy spring!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Loi. What do you mean Happy Spring? No such thing in these parts. :(
    Still dreaming.

  3. Hi Terri, I think the vintage vanity is perfect ! I think it gives much character to this lovely space...very feminine, but not cute, and the black and white checked floor so unexpected here....there is something warm and welcoming about vintage pieces...N.xo

    1. Nella; Thanks for stopping by my little dressed up cottage bathroom. :)
      The black and white floor is one of my favorite things,and you'd be surprised how many people comment on it.
      Have a great week.

  4. I am very envious of your bathroom! It has everything that a woman needs and its so very pretty! My favorite items are the Q-Tip holders on both the vanity and the "work bench"!

    1. Ah thanks PeaceLover, I like to mix in unexpected little touches; glad you liked them. I love my little 50's lady head vase on my 'work bench' she makes me smile every morning.

  5. It's all so pretty - love the chandelier, the cabinet for the sink, the it all!!

    1. Thanks so much. Appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

  6. I'm always impressed by the fact that you see these rooms in your mind completely finished...then you set about finding the items. I just can't work that way but I wish I could. Your method pays off, that's for sure! It's about time I get to see it again...hmmmmmmm???

    1. I don't's a lot harder to do it my way. But hey, I gotta be me!!
      Love ya

  7. I LOVE your bathroom decor!! Once I finally settle down in one place, I want to do a bathroom like that. Beautiful!


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