Sunday, September 23, 2012

~Falling around the House ~

I anxiously wait for September
as the Summer begins to wind down,
breathing it's last hot breaths near the end of August.

I love EVERYTHING about Fall.

The rich Autumn colors
deep golds, russet, umber

My Mums                                                                             

candles scented with pumpkin spices and cloves

Cool crisp mornings
the way the sunlight filters through the trees turning the whole world to red and gold

watching an impromptu dance as the breeze kicks up a pile of nearby leaves

Ahhhhh, yes......the pleasure of Fall.

And it's always refreshing to change things up a bit for the seasons.
Nothing dramatic, I don't go in for a huge 'theme'.
Just a gentle nod as we turn the calender page
 and Autumn nudges her way in.

So you can see a few subtle changes as the
welcomes Fall.

How about this darling little blue and white ceramic pumpkin?

and I just loved this charming carved wooden candle holder

a little pumpkin under glass, anyone?

Candy corn.... A MUST HAVE
I'd like to say, this is for the grandchildren.....
but let's not kid ourselves.
This is the cutest little jar with a sweet fleur-di-lis on the front
although it's hard to see it when the jar is full.

Hmmmm......looks like another 'sign' from my collection.

Yes, Autumn Blessings
to you my friends.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

~Sign, signs....everywhere signs~

I've had a long love affair with the written word...letters... and phrases,
quotes of every kind.
I have a little journal where I collect words and quotes.
I wrote my first book when I was in the 6th grade.
(Still waiting on a publisher for that masterpiece...ha ha)
And haven't stopped writing since.

I am fascinated even with the LOOK of words, the different fonts and how they
can make the words come alive, as they
 scroll and rise and dip across the page.
So it's no wonder that I have various 'signs' all over my home.
Words tucked into my decor, here and there.

One of my favorite pieces. A gift from BFF years ago.

No, that's not pointing at me !!!

That's my little journal for collecting phrases and quotes  :)

What is this? Some sort of hint?

I just love the word....cottage.

Lizzie is turning into such a publicity HOUND.
I'm going to have to change her last name to 

This is my newest DIY project. It started it's life as a mirror dressed
 in a gaudy gold paint
But I repurposed it.
 And  with a little craft paint and some chalkboard paint;
and it now hangs on the Dish Pantry door.

I even have a little sign hanging INSIDE the dish pantry !!

Not to mention 'WORDS' always written on Mr. Pigs chalkboard

Word I try to  live by..............

 here's  some other words I like to live by:

Gotta Run.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

~ Remembering ~

It's a beautiful  September morning.
There is the usual hustle and bustle of people scurrying to get to work or school.
People making their way up the busy avenue
 to their usual stop at the corner bistro
for a Tall latte or a perhaps a bagel.
 " Have a good day" Joe the shop keeper waves as they walk away
"Yeah, you too, Joe."
"See you tomorrow"
But Joe won't see him tomorrow.....because this September morning
is September 11, 2001.

I know this picture is horrific, but we should NEVER forget how horrific it truly was.

For many it would be their last day.
Ordinary Mom's and Dad's, aunts, uncles,brother's and  sister's
 would be challenged to rise to the circumstances of this day.
Some would later be called heroes.

Out of this beautiful blue September sky, terror would rain down upon us.
And we would be awakened from a comfortable slumber,
to come face to face with hate.

I know it's trite to say
"Never forget"
But we should never forget to say

" I love you"

Never forget to say

"I forgive you."

"I'll see you tomorrow."


Sunday, September 2, 2012

~School Daze~

 For me, September has always meant

When I was young,  we didn't start school until after Labor Day.
You know, me and Fred Flinstone.

But the planning for the big day was all the fun for me.
Notebooks and pens and pencils and crayons

I find myself taking the craziest pictures since I started blogging!
I still love to peruse the school supplies aisle. I've never gotten over my love for pens and papers and all kinds of office gadgets.
And of course when I was younger, the new year also meant a new lunch box
(if you were lucky)

Until you got a little older and became TOO COOL for lunch boxes
and then brown bagging it was the only way to go.

Mr. Wonderful has been known to pack my lunch, and this is usually what I find.  :)

I remember
walking to the bus stop and waiting there with the neighborhood kids.
 Where the boys would inevitably start horsing around and showing off.
And the girls would roll their eyes, but were secretly watching their every move.

A typical class photo. 5th grade.
I am top row second from the left.
Ah, Good times.

Then before you know it you're in the 7th grade
And that is a whole new world.
'The Wonder Years' perfectly captured that era of my life.

I loved that show. Every episode was a walk down memory lane.

Here is Kevin
with the ever present BIG BLUE notebook, that you spent the
entire year writing and drawing on
and covering with stickers and the initials of your secret crush.

Winnie the fashionista.
Those fishnet stockings, were all the rage
( and by some parents, still considered 'scandulous')
I NEVER got to wear a pair.  :(

Most of the girls my age, wore the ubiquitous knee socks.
Of course it was super cool to coordinate your knee socks with your outfit.
But good old WHITE was always acceptable.

Thinking back over those years, memories come flooding in.
I smile, and keep a soft spot in my heart for 
'the girl I was'.
 With all her dreams, big ideas,
insecurities, fumbling, stumbling
and rushing towards adulthood.

And then there you are looking over your shoulder
 as your school days are left behind.
The years have been whisked away, while you weren't looking.  

As I peer through the lens of time I am sending my own son off to school.

I close my eyes, only for a moment, but when I look  again
he is grown.
And sending HIS son off to school.  Sigh.

And I whisper
Happy School Days
Treasure them always.