Sunday, September 16, 2012

~Sign, signs....everywhere signs~

I've had a long love affair with the written word...letters... and phrases,
quotes of every kind.
I have a little journal where I collect words and quotes.
I wrote my first book when I was in the 6th grade.
(Still waiting on a publisher for that masterpiece...ha ha)
And haven't stopped writing since.

I am fascinated even with the LOOK of words, the different fonts and how they
can make the words come alive, as they
 scroll and rise and dip across the page.
So it's no wonder that I have various 'signs' all over my home.
Words tucked into my decor, here and there.

One of my favorite pieces. A gift from BFF years ago.

No, that's not pointing at me !!!

That's my little journal for collecting phrases and quotes  :)

What is this? Some sort of hint?

I just love the word....cottage.

Lizzie is turning into such a publicity HOUND.
I'm going to have to change her last name to 

This is my newest DIY project. It started it's life as a mirror dressed
 in a gaudy gold paint
But I repurposed it.
 And  with a little craft paint and some chalkboard paint;
and it now hangs on the Dish Pantry door.

I even have a little sign hanging INSIDE the dish pantry !!

Not to mention 'WORDS' always written on Mr. Pigs chalkboard

Word I try to  live by..............

 here's  some other words I like to live by:

Gotta Run.


  1. Dear Terri - I have no words. Just kidding :) I'm coming over tomorrow between 5:00 - 7:00. Got a lot to confess, LOL! Love all your signs....especially the antiques one....don't point it at me either :)

    1. Cute, Loi. :)
      I'm sure you have NOTHING to confess....but good taste.

    2. I just might start another blog....nothing but confessions!!

  2. Very cute and crafty idea for the gaudy mirror, which is now a masterpiece! Also love the confessions sign... I hope you did not steal that from a church, and if so, did you include that in your last confession? :)

    1. Why Peacelover, what a thing to imply!! Why I don't know HOW that silly little sign ended up in my purse.

  3. One of the things I'be always loved about you is you always know what I mean...regardless of how obscure my wording or reference is.

    Josef Mengele...I presume? ;-)

  4. The irony of having a word spelled wrong in a post about words...

    Naturally, I meant I'VE, not I'BE. I posted that from my Kindle. I can spell...I just can't text...

    Love your words!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I loooovee all of your signs! :) Too funny too.. I have kept a quote journal since I was young, and love to go back and read them! I have two of them now!

  6. Love all your signs (especially the confessional!), but what I love the most is the lamp in the first picture, it's wonderful!

    1. Oh thanks Jacqui, I love that little Rooster lamp too. Thanks for stopping by the Dressed Up Cottage, come back soon.


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