Sunday, April 28, 2013

~ A Perfect Afternoon ~

A Perfect Afternoon?
A dreary and rainy Saturday spent curled up on the sofa watching 

Anna Karenina

with your best friend.

Gail and I were looking forward to this chick day for sometime.
In our little corner of the world.....Anna Karenina didn't hit the theaters.
So.....we planned our own screening when it came out on DVD.
It was visually stunning. A beautiful and tragic love story.
And when one is watching a tragic love story
it is good to be fortified with.....

of course we made short work of that

and plenty of snacks!!!

While we're here at Gail's house I thought I would show you around
just a little bit.
Her house is a lovely oasis of calm, perfectly nestled into
the trees as if it sprang organically from that spot.

If it hadn't been raining so hard I would have taken some pictures outside.
But we'll just have to be content with the indoor tour today.

Upon entering you are greeted by a gorgeous fireplace
which pretty much sets the tone for the room

and then there are lots of things to look at that always
give me a bit of that ZEN feel.

This little sign is not exactly TRUTH in advertising....but let's not quibble

One of her prized possessions;
A lovely china hutch, refinished by her father
and filled with family heirloom dishes.

OOOOH, did somebody say dishes????

Gail is a medical transcriptionist who works from home.
I can't think of a prettier room to be cocooned in all day long.

Her father is a world- famous 'modeler'  and built this model
of a home that Gail loves for her birthday.
My pictures don't begin to do it justice.

Speaking of world famous.
Gail and I have a world famous friendship.....

Here's to you old buddy old pal.........
Love ya to pieces.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

~ A Tisket, A Tasket ~

A Tisket
A Tasket
I'm just crazy 
about Baskets!!!

I have baskets for everything...
I even have baskets to hold baskets!!!!

This is Lizzie's basket for her toys.
Now if only we could train her to pick up all her toys and put them back in there.

This little chest is perfect to hide more toys...this time for
the Grand-kids!!

As you can see one basket is not enough for me.
And I'm still spilling out of my confines.

Baskets to pretty things up on the laundry room shelf

Double duty; looking pretty
and storing my chargers in the pantry

This darling little picnic basket found at the parish garage sale
used as storage for Lizzie's food. 

One of my favorites....I've always been a sucker for a picnic basket

Ever since I fell in love with 'The Wizard of Oz'

Baskets are great not only picnics but...
Perfect for days by the pool.

Hmmm.....looks like someone else 
likes baskets.

A Tisket, A Tasket
What's in YOUR BASKET ????