Sunday, April 14, 2013

~ A Tisket, A Tasket ~

A Tisket
A Tasket
I'm just crazy 
about Baskets!!!

I have baskets for everything...
I even have baskets to hold baskets!!!!

This is Lizzie's basket for her toys.
Now if only we could train her to pick up all her toys and put them back in there.

This little chest is perfect to hide more toys...this time for
the Grand-kids!!

As you can see one basket is not enough for me.
And I'm still spilling out of my confines.

Baskets to pretty things up on the laundry room shelf

Double duty; looking pretty
and storing my chargers in the pantry

This darling little picnic basket found at the parish garage sale
used as storage for Lizzie's food. 

One of my favorites....I've always been a sucker for a picnic basket

Ever since I fell in love with 'The Wizard of Oz'

Baskets are great not only picnics but...
Perfect for days by the pool.

Hmmm.....looks like someone else 
likes baskets.

A Tisket, A Tasket
What's in YOUR BASKET ????


  1. Baskets are not only the perfect "catch all", but they add such great texture to any space - love your trunk!!

  2. This made me count the baskets around me. In just the room in which I'm sitting (the study), there are 6 baskets. I never realized!!!

    I forget about standard baskets...I hear "basket" now and I think of surgery. In my job, a basket is used to deliver organs out of the body after a surgical procedure.

    I prefer your baskets! :-D

    Who doesn't love a great basket?

    1. I know, it's crazy isn't it? I only showed 'some' of my baskets. They're everywhere. I definitely like the regular basket not 'your surgical stuff'. ewww.
      See ya

  3. Oh, dear, just like me!!! I am also a basket or old....big or small. They provide such warmth and texture. I read that Martha Stewart has a little cottage that houses her basket collection. We need one, Terri.
    Happy spring!!!

    1. Oh my, a whole cottage??? Shhhh, don't let Mr. Wonderful hear us talking. LOL
      Happy spring to you too,

  4. Hi Terri,

    I too have plenty of baskets around, all with a different job. My girls (springer spaniels:) have their toy basket that is always a mess and I have some of my pantry supplies organized in baskets. My favorite is a chocolate chip cooking making basket. I started it when my kids were little. I'd make (and still do) a batch of cookies every Sunday. It was easy to keep everything contained for easy access.

    Enjoy your week!


    1. Leslie;
      So I see "your girl's" don't pick up their toys, either, huh?
      Oh well, what are you gonna do? LOL
      I love the idea of a chocolate chip cookie basket. How cute. But I especially love the idea of a batch of chocolate chip cookies every Sunday. :)


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