Sunday, September 9, 2012

~ Remembering ~

It's a beautiful  September morning.
There is the usual hustle and bustle of people scurrying to get to work or school.
People making their way up the busy avenue
 to their usual stop at the corner bistro
for a Tall latte or a perhaps a bagel.
 " Have a good day" Joe the shop keeper waves as they walk away
"Yeah, you too, Joe."
"See you tomorrow"
But Joe won't see him tomorrow.....because this September morning
is September 11, 2001.

I know this picture is horrific, but we should NEVER forget how horrific it truly was.

For many it would be their last day.
Ordinary Mom's and Dad's, aunts, uncles,brother's and  sister's
 would be challenged to rise to the circumstances of this day.
Some would later be called heroes.

Out of this beautiful blue September sky, terror would rain down upon us.
And we would be awakened from a comfortable slumber,
to come face to face with hate.

I know it's trite to say
"Never forget"
But we should never forget to say

" I love you"

Never forget to say

"I forgive you."

"I'll see you tomorrow."



  1. Hi Terri -
    It's been so long but I still recall that day. I was working at the Smithsonian back then. We watched on TV what happened to NY, and then the same thing to the Pentagon near the Smithsonian. Will never forget...

  2. I was at work and along with everyone else there, saw the replay of the first tower strike. A coworker mentioned how odd it was that an accident like that would happen in such clear weather. I replied I didn't think it was an accident. Then, with horror, we all watched the second tower strike

    My parents' generation always said "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" 9-11 was my generation's "Where were you." If I live to be 110, I will remember where I was, whom I was with, and the anger I felt...and still do. Bin Laden has thankfully assumed room temperature but there are still those out there who will carry on with his vision and we cannot rest until all the rats are exterminated.

  3. Will never ever forgot...I cannot even fathom what it would have been like to have been there, or to have lost a loved one during this tragedy.


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