Saturday, June 2, 2012

~Long Live the Queen~

It's here Diamond Jubilee,
with major events planned all this week-end.
And of course I'm celebrating with a cup of tea and my fake British accent.
60 years on the throne
She is the only British Monarch I've ever known,
so to me....she IS England.
I think I've always been so fond of her, because of my grandmother, whose family roots were Canadian , loved her Queen.
I remember my grandmother had a large picture of Queen Elizabeth in her bedroom.
And this lovely Elizabeth looks very much like my grandmother Elizabeth, her complexion, her smile,
her purse!!!

I love it.

 But it seems to me that she has always been ...old.
(As a child, I thought 30 years old.....was OLD)
But let us not forget that she was once young and enjoyed the adoration of her people very early on.

She was loved, and every bit the celebrity that the young royals are today,
without the bothersome tabloid press.
In 1947 the British citizens even donated their ration cards so she could
have material for her wedding dress.

As happy as any bride on their wedding day

And Philip looked every inch the dashing Prince.

Here she is on her coronation day in 1952. She seems so small in this sea of pomp. It reminds me of the scene in the movie 'Young Victoria' when she ascends to the throne for her coronation and her feet don't even touch the floor.

But of course Elizabeth was older than Victoria. Elizabeth was 27

Newsreel of Elizabeth's Coronation

British or not, she is everyone's Queen

And she is still well loved today.

So let us share a scone and raise our tea cups in honor of this milestone anniversary.

Tea in pretty cups, and lemon cream scones.

(I didn't cut out my scones quite thick enough, 
but they were still de-lish)
My beautiful flowers from last week's luncheon have provided such pleasure for over a week now. They have brought beauty to a living room vignette

and now they lend their gracefulness to Tea Time with the Queen

Pip pip, well done ol' girl.
I say,
well done.


  1. Once again, I love your British accent ;-) Are you having a special Jubilee tea blend to celebrate? Wish you lived closer.....we could meet for tea and take in the festivities!
    Can't wait for more on Sunday. Especially the flotilla event.

    1. Wouldn't that be fun?? But we will just have to sufice with 'pretending we are there' while watching it unfold on TV. I loved the flotilla. Henry the 8th would feel right at home! You can't be the Brits for a good pageant. What fun.

    2. I was thinking about you this weekend when I watched some of the celebrations! :-)

  2. Terri, I loved seeing these pictures of Queen Elizabeth. I have always admired and respected her. I think she is truly beautiful, and the epitome of what a queen should be.

    Thank you for the sweet comments you left for me at Southern Lagniappe. I appreciate you taking the time to visit me.

    1. I agree Janie, she is the definition of 'Royal'.
      And I am always happy to stop by Southern Lagniappe. I've been a fan since way back on Rate My Space.

  3. This reminds me of our celebration of Will and Kate's wedding from my house in lil' ole Pleasant Hope, Missouri. To my knowledge, I have no English roots, but I love the Queen. I missed the flotilla, too, and I forgot to DVR it. :-( I'm consigned to watching it on YouTube.

    Anyway, hip, hip, cheerio and all that rot. Great post!!! :-)

  4. I'm going to suggest to our English friends, Ken and Sandra, to stop by and read your post. I'm sure they'll enjoy it!

    1. Thanks Gail, that's sweet. I'm sure they will get a kick out of my sillines.


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