Sunday, May 6, 2012

~A morning in May~

The Silver Maple ( Queen)
who holds court in the yard

A Morning in May
by Terri Mueting

If one can sit quietly out of the way
one may just be rewarded a sacred glimpse of life in the garden.
It's a hustling bustling morning
trees and bushes alive with nature's version of rush hour.
Everywhere, life, sweet life.

The Silver Maple Queen
stands regally in the center of it all.
She is the giant skyscraper, that many diverse neighbors call home
so filled with birds all singing their own chorus
that at times it seems as if the tree itself is bursting with song.
She is host to the symphony
adding her own music, as the morning breeze rustles through her leaves
like a languid beauty running her fingers through her hair.

Birds chatter, news and gossip exchanged
as they flit from floor to floor in this leafy apartment building
Sounds of splashing drift up from the birdbath in the piazza  below.
Mothers busy gathering bits and pieces to fluff their homes.
A twig here, a morsel to take home to baby there, like mothers everywhere.

Pairs of butterflies dance on the breeze
then briefly, oh so gently, break from the tango
to sit as softly as a breath
on the petal of a flower.

A hummingbird dips her long slender nose deep into the sweet bounty
of the Million Bells flowers
hanging in a basket
like a banquet, she's been invited too.

All this swirling, beautiful, blessed, life
right outside my door
on a deceptively quiet
morning in May.



  1. I love this poem, and how apropos for this time of year. Yet another thing you're good at! How irritating. :-)

  2. Beautiful!!! You are so talented Ms Terri!

  3. Such lovely words! I pictured myself there.....near the stately silver maple....listening to the birds. Thank you for transporting us to your garden.
    Cheers from DC,

    1. Thanks, Loi. I love being out in my garden very early in the morning during Spring time. It's the best part of the day.

  4. Very nice! And such a beautiful tree. Just love spring and the blooms :)

    1. We love this tree. It was just a baby when we first moved here. It's just a little older than our son. And she is quite a beauty, stand as the center of attention in our yard.


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