Friday, May 18, 2012

~Forever Young~

7:05 am on this very day, 31 years ago
Four little words changed my life forever.

"You have a son"

  A boy who filled our hearts with joy, who grew into a man who still lifts my heart at the sound of his voice.
But in between then and now were years filled with happiness and joy
and learning every day just what unconditional love looks like.
I'm forever grateful for all , that little 6lb 9oz baby boy brought into our lives.
a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

I am not blind,
I see the man standing before me.
 I see the husband and the father he is today..

But my heart
now that's another story.
My heart sees the boy

Heart of my heart
and soul of my soul .

Indulge me dear reader, as I am always sentimental on this day, as my mind goes racing back over the years.
Back to when He and I were brand new and just finding out about one another.
And I linger over the memories tucked safely away
waiting there,
 for a spark
or a special day
 that brings them flooding forth.

So I call my boy at 7:05 am this morning, as I do every year, and  I shout out to the world.

" It's 7:05 am. My son is born"

So Happy Birthday Son,
and you know that in my heart
you are
Forever Young




  1. Very nice, Terri! Hope you enjoyed the special day. I love that you call him every year at 7:05---really sweet tradition. And, that is such a beautiful photo of you two ;-)

  2. Ahhh thanks Loi. My son is just really glad he wasn't born at 3:05AM!!!! LOL

  3. awww... such a precious photo :)

  4. My friend who is the mother of my "honorary son" takes a picture of him every year on his birthday in May. He is 27 now and a little tired of the routine, but he'll appreciate it someday! Last year she had to be away on that day, so I did the honors.

    1. I agree, they may balk a little now....but in the end they really do love these little traditions.

  5. How sweet. I remember working with you and hearing... Bun is born! Now I too share that love like none other! 

    1. Ahhh, yes now you know!!! It's a love like no other. And we are truly blessed.


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