Sunday, April 22, 2012

~Eureka !!~

Springs, that is. Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A wonderful little jewel of a town, nestled into the very hills, deep in the Ozarks.

This gem has been a favorite of best friend and I for years. We never get tired of the place. We have been on countless girlfriends weekends here, staying at various bed and breakfasts, and other times we jut take day trips.
This particular excursion was one of those day trips. I tagged along with best friend and her parents and her aunt, for a lovely day of shopping and lunching and soaking up the laid back atmosphere.
Eureka Springs is a haven for weddings, and honeymoons, and great escapes.There is something for everyone..... art and architecture on every corner.

Notice the beautiful detail work and the stained glass on this building.

 The buildings of the past housing the trendy and eclectic items of  today.

There is always entertainment in the park.

I'm awed by the beautiful bluff surrounding this little park

 And then there are the parades for any reason at all.

Eureka Springs is pet friendly too. Good thing, since BFF's parents take their 'babies' everywhere.
Meet Star
And Cagney

Best friend and I have stayed at the famous Crescent Hotel on the top of a hill overlooking the valley below. Breathtaking views.

The hotel built in 1886, is made of beautiful brown Arkansas stone, surrounded by lush gardens , a charming chapel

...........and GHOSTS.  But of course.  If you were a ghost, this is exactly where you would want to be. The TV show "Ghost Hunters" even filmed an episode here, but BFF and I didn't run into any on our stay, though we looked.  Well wait a minute, what's this????

The tiny winding streets take you through tree lined neighborhoods full of Bed & Breakfasts. Houses and cottages perched precariously on the hillsides, all dressed up in their rainbow of colors.  Each one trying to outdo the one before.
Here is one we stayed at 'Sinclair House'

And here is our favorite , 'The Arbor Glen'. We have stayed here 3 times, although it's been several years now, so I cannot vouch for the current establishment.
But we loved having breakfast out on this beautiful porch which felt like you were in a tree house.

Time for lunch. And we opt for one of our all time favorites. The Mud Street Cafe

It's a darling little town, and I am happy to come back again and again. 
If you come, bring your appetite for a good time ( and don't forget your walking shoes) and let Eureka Springs whisper to you.

You have got to love a place where the staff wears T-Shirts that say:

"Our servers are heavily medicated for your protection."
Oh yeah, the food is great too. Ha ha


  1. I'm so glad you did a post about Eureka Springs! I absolutely love this cute little town. There always seems to be something new to discover, no matter how many times you have been there! Loved the photos too! I believe I need to plan a trip very soon!

  2. Isn't "Eurekee" great?? I really never get tired of it. What a strange mixture of new, old, sedate, wacky, traditional, and modern this place is. It just feels good, doesn't it?

    Love your photos, too! Another great post! :-)

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip!! How fun :)

  4. Thanks everyone. I enjoy hearing your comments. It's nice to know I have visitors here at the old Dressed Up Cottage.


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