Saturday, April 14, 2012

~Jack, Come back~

I have always been fascinated by the story of the sinking of the Titanic, April 1912.
The sadness of all these people who were heading somewhere .......full of hope,and excitement, or looking forward to new beginnings.
 Many with loved ones waiting on the other side.
all lost in a moment. 

The movie captured so  much of what I imagine the night to have been like.
Lives just being lived in the moment, dancing and dining the night away in their elegant surroundings, unaware that this will be the LAST night for many of them.

actual photograph of one of the dining rooms

I was thrilled to find out that James Cameron's " Titanic "was being re-released this month for the 
100 year anniversary of the tragedy. In IMAX and 3D, no less.

So after much anticipation
 we are off for our 3 hour adventure.

Tickets in hand

Snacks at the ready

Erin, ever the fashionista modeling the latest in 3D eye wear.

It was more spectacular than I imagined.  

And getting such an up close view of all the gorgeous clothing was a real treat.

Did you forget just how adorable Leonardo di Caprio was?

And it was also more traumatic, seeing it........larger than life.

I actually hoped that this time, Jack might be saved. In fact I was sure of it.  I was almost able to reach out and touch him.

but alas..............No.
It was not meant to be.

There were sniffles of course, and a tear or two discreetly brushed from a cheek
but my girlfriends and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie
 ( and highly recommend seeing it at an IMAX theatre in 3D)
But all in all it's still.... just a movie. It ends, and we go home to our lives.

For for the real passengers the horror was beyond belief.

But we still remember their story all these years later. We are still talking about them,  looking for bits and pieces of information, trying to piece together that night of nights.
We are fascinated to find a bit of china, insignia from an officers' uniform, a childs' toy....that help to bring the stark,  dry historical  facts into clearer focus,

actual Titanic china pattern being re-released for the anniversary

two authentic White Star Line china cups and saucers from the collection of historian Russ Upholster Jr, match examples salvaged from Titanic. (courtesy Tea Time Magazine)
Passenger categoryNumber aboardNumber savedNumber lostPercentage savedPercentage lost
Children, First Class65183.4%16.6%
Children, Second Class24240100%0%
Children, Third Class79275234%66%
Women, First Class144140497%3%
Women, Second Class93801386%14%
Women, Third Class165768946%54%
Women, Crew2320387%13%
Men, First Class1755711833%67%
Men, Second Class168141548%92%
Men, Third Class4627538716%84%
Men, Crew86519269322%78%

(figures from Wikipedia)

these were not just 1514  victims, they were real people and we wish to know something about them.........we want to touch their lives in some way. 

Not far from my little corner of the world, we are lucky to have a wonderful 'Titanic Museum' that really does a fine job of weaving the story with the artifacts on display.  
It's very well done.  And if you are intrigued by this particular event in history it's worth checking it out.

Titanic Museum in Branson, MO

click here

Good bye Jack.


  1. Hi Terri, I didn't realize you were from here in Spfd! Keep watching my blog, we have Robin's Vintage Suitcase opening this Friday evening. Try to come to her Open House if you can, she's going to have a wonderful store. I haven't been to the museum in Branson. It's on my to-do list!

  2. I really want to see the 3-D version.. I have the movie on DVD, but I think it would be fun to see in 3-D. I love the story! Glad you had a good time!

  3. I too highly recommend seeing The Titanic in 3D at the IMAX! All of the beautiful details were right in front of your face! Another wonderful blog, Miss Terri!

  4. Hi Terri,

    Hmmmm...I wasn't going to see it...have such wonderful memories of seeing it the first time...but after reading your post you have convinced me...and besides the story like you I love noticing all of the details in costuming and set design...seems that I will revisit it after all.


  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've watched 4 different TV specials on the Titanic in the last week. Really fascinating. I've always been fascinated with it, as well. When I was a kid in the 1970s, the theory was it had sank intact and that is how I imagined it. Now, we know it broke apart and the footage of the wreckage 2 miles below the ocean's surface is horrific, even though you can actually see parts of the grand staircase and other parts. I even saw a shot of some china plates still stacked neatly in a destroyed pantry. Haunting, isn't it.

    1. I did enjoy our visit to the museum, we had a great day didn't we? Of course that kind of thing is right up our alley.

  6. I love your passion for the ship. I share it as well, the stories, the wreckage, and beauty of it all.

    However I must point out that your 'actual photograph of one of the dining rooms' is from the columbus, 20 years later, not the titanic. i would think someone as 'passionate' as you would have done enough research already to know that.


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