Thursday, April 5, 2012

~April Showers.....~

You know how the rest of it goes.....

But one of my favorite plants BLOOMS in April
Meet Guernsey Cream , a lovely Clematis

I even love her name......Guernsey Cream.
I love her big creamy petals.

Isn't she lovely?

She is very happy where she lives and wears this little bird house as a crown.

She puts on quite a show in early April
And since she's the only one blooming this time of year, she gets all the attention.
So,  a big round of applause......thank you Guernsey Cream for your beautiful April Show. !!!


  1. Oh it's beautiful! It's so perfect looking it actually looks fake. :) I love flowers, especialy spring flowers. Enjoy the loveliness!

  2. Kerri is looks too beautiful and perfect to be real! Just beautiful! Wearing the birdhouse like a crown. :-)


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