Thursday, March 8, 2012

~A place for everything~

Now where did we leave off? Oh yes, I was thinking

Trying to come up with a scheme, I mean a plot, I mean a solution to my dish storage problems.

AHA !!

" What if we take that barely used coat closet right here between the kitchen and the dining room......and turn that into a China Closet?" I ask slyly.

" Then we can use the pie safe as we intended ,as a  food pantry.  Wouldn't that be a great idea?"
Mr. Wonderful mulls this over, trying to figure out if it is actually some sort of devious plot.
But in the end he agrees, it is indeed a great idea

So as usual, I dream it and HE builds it.

preparing for really sturdy shelves.

Mr. Wonderful always exceeds my expections. Such as installing this great lighting system, that I never would have thought of. Lights, illuminating every shelf. Perfect.

Beautiful beadboard walls.
See how nice and deep the shelves are?

Now mind you, this does not include my everyday dishes, or my collection of white ironstone which have a home of their own
( so far)

To me this looks like a GIANT jewelry box. Full of beautiful sparkling things.
But instead of diamonds or gemstones, it's filled with silver and crystal and colorful china from near and far.

The top shelf holds seasonal dishes. Christmas, etc.

My collection of mismatched vintage silverplate, in vintage glass containers.
Not the family heirloom silver, but fun pieces collected over time and perfect for tea parties.

Pretty tea cups all in a row.

Granddaughters little tea pot.

Wicker basket holding plates chargers and a few silver trays.

I really don't have that much. It was all just a matter of proper storage!!!

And now I have a place for everything.
Tons of room. More room than I ever imagined.
Room, glorious room. Room to spread out...... (for now.)

 Oh, by the way, here is the lovely pie safe/pantry as intended. Much better, yes?

"Now this time I mean it." says Mr. Wonderful. " When you fill up this closet you're done."

"Of course, Darling. I agree completely."


  1. This looks wonderful! I love how you used the little lights. Gives me an idea for my dish storage.

    1. Pat, thanks so much for stopping by to take a peek at my dish pantry. Yes, the little lights Mr. Wonderful came up.....ingenious!!! It makes all the difference, especially since my shelves are sooooo deep. See you at Back Porch Musings.

  2. What a beautiful pantry for all of your beautiful things!

    1. Thank you PeaceLover. I love it, when you stop by for a visit.

  3. Oh my goodness.. I love all of those teacups especially! I have such a hard time finding ones like that, and my dream is to build a teacup collection full of all sorts of eclectic designs :)

    1. Thank you Kerri,
      Well you know, any collection begins with that first step. Get started.........and enjoy. And since you are already an avid tea drinker, it's a natural collection for you to have.
      Have fun.

  4. I'll bet it makes your heart sing every time you open the door to your beautiful dish closet...this way you can enjoy them every day even without using them! A wonderful the beadboard and the lighting makes it all just sparkle. The pie safe for food storage is another fun idea...absolutely charming, Terri.


    1. Jermaine, thanks so much for your sweet comments. You know I absolutely ADORE your beautiful pantry, so to receive a nod from you on the subject......yeah, I'm giddy!!! LOL.

  5. The closet is done! It turned out wonderfully! Good job, Rex! I love how you describe it as your "jewel box." I belieeeeve I recognize some of the things in there!!!

  6. Hey has been awhile since I have peeked in on your blog. I have enjoyed catching up on the latest idea that you have delighted us with and the wonderful Spring photo's. Love, Love, Love your blog! Miss you old friend.


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