Sunday, March 25, 2012

~It's Official...~

Yes, it's official, it's Spring.

 And not a moment too soon either. Although I must say it's refreshing for once, to have Mother Nature and my calender agree.  We have been blessed this year with a mild winter
 ( unless something evil blows this way at the last minute,
which is NOT unheard of here in Missouri).
After a few years of killer ice storms and harsh snowy winters, we are happy to partake of a quieter winter. But that being said...........winter is winter. Winter is brown, and bare. Winter is not Spring, with her billowy blossoms. The trees are wearing their Easter bonnets of spring blooms, and the slightest breeze causes a 'snow shower' of petals upon your head. This kind of 'snow', I love.

I don't do a lot of fussy seasonal decorating, but as we look around The Dressed Up Cottage, we can see sure hints that Spring has arrived

there are birds chirping

there are bunnies hopping

and little lambs have wandered in

I've brought in a touch of blue and white, to 'lighten up' the look for Spring.

 the tulips are reaching for the sun.

 Standing at attention like proud little apricot soldiers

the nights' rain still clinging to the petals, glistening
in the early morning sun.

I love Spring, the promise of something new.
And every Spring is God saying, "Alright, I'll not give up on you yet."

Happy Spring


  1. "The trees are wearing their Easter bonnets of spring blooms.." LOVE that imagery, Lizzie!

    How pretty your place is. I know your color scheme and I would have never thought to do a blue-and-white addition, but it works! I guess that's why you have a decor blog and I don't. :-D

    Really, though...just beautiful. That was a very nice way to start a Monday morning.

    1. Thanks dear friend.
      Blue and white go with everything. It's practically a nuetral. LOL

  2. Love the photos! I just revel in spring-time... it's such a renewing time of year, and gives so much hope! I love your little birdy figurines too. I always gravitate to anything with birds on it when i'm shopping. :)


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