Sunday, March 11, 2012

~Meet Elizabeth Bennett~

Not quite what you were expecting?

Well, this is OUR Elizabeth Bennett
or, Lizzie for short.
I'm sure Mr. Darcy would agree that OUR Elizabeth also has ' a pair of fine eyes'
 Sometimes also known as :

She is the 'other girl' in Mr. Wonderful's life.
They are joined at the hip.

But she loves her Mommy too.

She takes her job quite seriously, which is to keep a close eye on Mr. Wonderful and  see what he's up to at any given moment of the day.

She also guards against any possible attack from ....birds....or squirrels.

She poses for Animal Crackers, just to get Mr. Wonderful's attention.

She is the keeper of the Castle Gates.

 And no one enters without her permission. Except for the terrorist who already resides within the Palace walls.



Yes, America's Most Wanted. The ruthless, the treacherous


Blessed are we who have animals in our life, to show us what love is all about.

'Some say there are no dogs in heaven. They are missing the point. The truth is heaven has already come bounding up to us, muddy pawed, wet nosed, tail wagging in the selfless trusting uncomplicated love of a good dog.'


  1. LOVE these photos of Lizzie! She's a big girl! Forrest was surprised you let her on the furniture and now I'm catching it because I don't let Sadie do that!

    The Baby Kitty thing is hilarious...:-D

    1. OOOPS......I better clear this up right now. Lizzie is NOT allowed on "the" furniture. Only one chair, which is HER chair in Mr. Wonderful's office. Yes, she is quite the big girl, with a heart to match.

  2. Lovin' it Teri, and that cat is something else! What character! Lizzie is both stately and a clown, reminds me of a girl I know named Star!
    Yeah, well, we're slobs. Our dogs are allowed anywhere, even on our leather sofas and love seats.

    What a difference dogs have made in our lives. We love all dogs!

    1. Oh thanks so much for stopping by. I knew you would like Lizzie, what's not to love?
      Yes, dogs come into our lives and before you know , they are ALL OVER our lives. But that is just the way I love it.

  3. Aw I love it! What a very adorable Lizzie Bennett :) And your cat is hilariously adorable! I love the mugshot! haha!


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