Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~The Friday night bath~

No one loves a bath , more than me.
I love my Friday night ritual. It's how I decompress from the week.
I enjoy the whole process of preparing the bath as well.

Lighting the candles

setting the mood

lighting  the fireplace

something to drink

lotions, potions, jams and jellies

a soft terrycloth pillow

and then comes my favorite moment, when I slip into the silky hot water and sink up to my chin.  
And that is where I stay. Contented, for 2 hours or until my skin prunes off. I usually turn on the jets for about 30 minutes, then I add my bubbles and soak away my cares. The work week evaporates with the rising steam.


I can't wait for Friday night.

How do you decompress?


  1. I love long, luxurious soaks in the tub! and I really like your decor! :)

  2. I too love your bathroom decor, especially the checkered flooring.

  3. I love the bath, too! I don't do it nearly often enough. Light the candles. Turn off the lights. Open the windows for a soft breeze. Put on Enigma. I don't use the Ipod for the bath because I like the whole room to be engulfed with soft music.

    I also love your decor. Rex did a fantastic job. Hm. I need a bath this weekend....

  4. I don't use headphones either, I like the music to waft throughtout the room. I love the whole bath experience, as a's my right.......and I take it seriously. Ha ha

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