Saturday, March 3, 2012

~Not One More Dish~

"No! Not one more dish comes into this house" says Mr. Wonderful. "We have no more room. You're spilling out of every cupboard as it is. "

"Whatever do you mean?" I ask innocently

Mr. Wonderful proceeds to present his case.

Exhibit 1:
The Pie Safe which was supposed to be used for a LITTLE extra dish storage.
 Yeah right.
Isn't this a sad little picture?

Exhibit 2:
The Dining Room Hutch, overflowing

Exhibit 3:
 Yes.....Every shelf space available, overflowing.

Well fine, if you're going to resort to using evidence against me. What chance does a girl have? Just what is a dishoholic, dish lover, to do?

Hmmmmmmm......let me think about this.

Stay Tuned

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