Sunday, October 28, 2012

~ IL Vaticano ~

I'm ending my little 'Roman Holiday' series at
The Vatican
She is the jewel in the crown of Roma.
Pilgrims travel from every corner of the globe to see her. To stand within her ancient walls and breathe in,
 not only the beauty, but the history of her storied past.
And I am no different.
We came upon the Vatican on our first night, as we made a whirlwind
 run about the city.
She  was bathed in darkness, punctuated by the tiny glow of lights from within.

We only had time to nod and then move on.
But THIS day, we came back to REALLY see her.
She was rising out of the morning mist

and I was so moved , that this poem started to form in my mind
before we even got inside.
I started scribbling in my little pocket journal as we waited in line
and the words just tumbled out.
I finished it later that day during our siesta, my little quiet hour.

IL Vaticano
 by Terri M
She was built on a rock
a solid rock
buried deep and strong
to insure against slipping
in the sands of time.
The rock was covered over
with centuries of stories
hidden in layers of dirt
and bits of bone and ash
which only made her all the stronger.

She is a hymn
made of stone and concrete and glass
that rises out of the morning mist.
Standing as she has always stood
with arms outstretched wide
to gather all her children into
her saving embrace.

Though her polished marble floors
where Emperors have knelt
and her soaring heights might at first
seem imposing,
one must remember that her walls
are adorned with her children's artwork.
She has lovingly accepted the gifts
of sculpted stone and bits of colored glass
and proudly displays them, knowing each piece
clearly says...."see what I have done for you".

Don't fault her for her beauty,
for it is those who have loved her over the centuries
who have adorned her in glitter and gold.
And if you care to dig under the marble and glass
you'll find the rock buried there
her humble foundation
holding her up for all these centuries
and for all time to come.

A little bird's eye view, from the catwalk.

So with this little love poem to the Vatican, I finish up my series on Rome. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed re-visiting
one of the great treasures on earth,
 this living museum,
this inhabited art,
this fabulous city;
And I wave goodbye wistfully, just as Gail and I did as we left the city for the first time,
 looking back over our shoulders
Bye Bye Roma

All pictures are mine ( except for those from Roman Holiday, of course)


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  2. Hi, Terri - The Vatican City was the highlight of my trip. From the architecture to the artwork to the artifacts, it is such an important site and truly a must see. I spent nearly a day there. Not nearly enough time, for me.

    Thanks very much for this series! I enjoyed it :)
    Take care,

    1. I would agree, Loi. It was definitely the highlight for me as well. I can say for once, something truly lived up to all it's hype!!! Ha ha. The tour under the Vatican 'The Necropolis Tour' was also a high point, for history buffs like me.
      Thanks for visiting Rome with me.

  3. This brings back such fun memories - one of my favorite places we've ever visited!!

  4. "we must remember that her walls
    are adorned with her children's artwork."

    I especially love that line!

    Going to Mass there and seeing St. Peter's of the most profound experiences of my life.

    Thank you for posting these! What an experience that was...I'm glad I experienced it with you!

    1. Yes, Mass and walking up to St. Peters chair to receive communion will always be one of the highlights of my life.
      Glad I could share it with you, my beautiful friend.

  5. Sooo beautiful, again. That last photo of the end scene of Roman Holiday always gives me chills. The first time I saw it, I was devastated with the ending. But somewhere over the 100s of times I've watched it since then, I've grown to appreciate the bitter-sweet ending. :) Have a lovely week Terri!

  6. I want to go to Italy soooo desperately!!! I really want to see Bernini's Baldacchino and the Sisteen Chapel too someday.
    Art history was one of my minors and I am so sad to say, I have yet to get to Italy --- where so very much of the art I studied is housed!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this.
    Love that poem too.


  7. Wish I had know you were going.
    Might have hidden in your suitcase.

    1. Sorry, there was no room.....I could barely squeeze in ALL my purchases. I went a little crazy buying purses!!! But what a fun shopping trip.

  8. You are so very talented my friend. Thank you for sharing your photos and especially your beautifully written poem. This brought back wonderful memories for me as well and now I must start saving to go back!

    1. Yes indeed, I intend to go back as well. Thanks for the compliments. :)

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