Sunday, October 21, 2012

~Rome Part II~

As I said in the previous post: when traveling
"Have a plan, but be willing to abandon it"

Our second trip to The Forum  was sweet serendipity
after having a change of plans at the Mouth of Truth.

As it happens in Rome, schedules and hours of operation mean 'NOTHING'
So, the Mouth of Truth was closed when we arrived, even though it plainly said it should be open.
Hmmmm what to do now. 
We consulted our map and realized that we could hike back over to The Forum and enjoy a more extended  visit . Just when we were about to get  nervous thinking we were really LOST this time, we came up over a hill and there it was
 spread out before us. 
Like a child's Tinker Toy set that had been smashed after a tantrum.

With marble columns broken and strewn about at random. 

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and we had the entire place to ourselves. 
We wandered with our little guide book and had all the time we wanted
 to explore every nook and cranny, as we walked the same path
 that Julius Caesar walked.
 But hopefully not to the same demise.
Early morning is such a blessing, before all the tourists find you.
Imagine having this ancient site that people come from all over to world to see,
 all to yourself...
I was beginning to think I had discovered it all by myself.
I felt like Indiana Jones

When I think back on Rome, I am reminded of: 

the Colors of Rome

The Piazza Farnese

I understand why we want to replicate them and bring them home. 
But there is something about AUTHENTIC patina 
that cannot be replicated, try as we might. 

Behind the Vatican, as we took the Necropolis Tour


'Trevi' , and yes we threw coins over our shoulder to insure that we would one day return
In the Piazza Navona
Fountain at the Villa Borghese

This also reminds me of how much I loved all the public drinking fountains. You can refill your water bottles with the cold goodness flowing from the Etruscan Aqueducts that are now thousands of years old.

sidewalk cafe dining

Arches, arches everywhere

the evening promenade


Our very first taste of Rome, was Gelato. And my taste buds reveled in this new delight.
Our usual stop was the brightly lit little shop right in our Piazza; 'Blue Ice'.

Crazy Traffic

 It's definitely an act of faith to cross the street.

 We enjoy many cab rides during our stay and I never ceased to marvel at Roman driving. From the outside observer it seems as if there are no rules, no lanes. Scooters scoot between cars dangerously close, all jockeying for position. It seems more like a horse race than a drive. Whenever you come upon a red light, the cars stop and then the vespas come swarming up and fill in any little hole. But the cabbies take it with ease and I am not frightened by the chase. We witness a little bump of an accident. The driver in back throws up her hands and shrugs, the driver in front just shakes his head and they move on.
 No big deal!!! WHAT??

Isn't this gorgeous. If you're going to zip through the streets of Rome it might as well be on a BMW

Speaking of crazy traffic;

 This blurry picture was taken at the Villa Borghese. They have a extensive park that is filled with fountains and pathways to explore. Gail and I caught one of the little trams that gave you a tour to get a better look at this vast estate. Unfortunately our driver is a typical Italian and the tram is careening around corners on these little pathways meant to be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace. I can barely  ready my camera for a shot, before we have whizzed by it at lighting speed. In what seems like mere minutes we arrive back at the entrance. A little dizzy, but no worse for wear,
 and laughing like crazy.

Rome is  beauty and chaos. 
But somehow it all comes together perfectly,
like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

A view from the Castel San Angelo

So much to love, too much to share here.

Look for the final entry next week.

All pictures are mine ( except for Roman Holiday, of course)


  1. Beauty and chaos = the truth! We drove in Rome, and boy was that a mistake. Congestion, motorcycles, scooters, sirens......but so worth it once we got to our destinations. The entire city is an architectural gem.
    PS - My link for your site is updating now...yay!

    1. Yay, I'm happy to be back!!! ha ha.
      I cannot imagine driving in Rome. I'm not THAT
      adventerous!! It was enough just to be in the backseat. But I loved every single minute of it.
      And hope to return one day soon.

  2. Again this is making me want to go back... I too threw a coin over my shoulders in to the Trevi Fountain, so let's hope our wishes come true! :)

  3. This brings back so many memories...the gelato, the Swedish nuns, the evening strolls, Fabio the guide, running after Fr. Dave in his Death March, the waiter, Mr. Coca I love that you took so many notes so I can remember things I otherwise may not have. What a wonderful experience. I hope we'll have the chance to experience something like that again. I couldn't have asked for a better traveling companion. :-)

    1. It's been so much fun looking back through my scrapbook and re-living the adventure of " Lucy and Lizzie go to Rome".
      Ha ha

  4. I KNOW! We've had lots of adventures and hope we have lots more! BTW...You ought to do one on Eurekeee!

  5. My favorite scene of Roman Holiday is right there in your first picture. I love all of these photos... I'm sure I would just love it there! And gelato is making my stomach growl... yummy. Maybe sometime after this whole grad school adventure, I will take a trip to Europe. I've wanted to for years... I have a list of places I'd like to go. Paris of course being one of them, but I'd love to explore the countryside of France and Germany and go off the "beaten path" a little too! :) Hope you're doing well Terri!

    1. I hope you get to do just that, Kerri. There are so many places I'd love to visit. And you're right, getting a little off the beaten path is so much fun, and where one can truly get a flavor of a place. Glad you enjoyed my little series, with a little bit of help from Audrey Hepburn! :)


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