Sunday, October 7, 2012

~To dine with Royalty ~

Yes, there are  Kings & Queens
at our table. 

My  little band of Royals celebrate their birthdays all within the same week!!
So the decree went out that there was to be a party befitting the  likes of the
 Majestic Court

I'm always trying to kiss up and  get on the good side of the Royal Family
(Never know when I might need to be in their good graces in the future.)

They can be a finicky lot
though their palettes are limited
So the menu was a kicked up version of MacNCheese
with a delicious cream sauce that the adults at the table could enjoy too.

with cheddar biscuits, steaks on the grill and a few hot dogs thrown in for
 good measure.
They are surprisingly MESSY for Nobles
leaving a path of destruction as they ransack and plunder my humble cottage.

And there are Imperial squabbles aplenty betwixt the Lords and Lady
which can make for a very taxing day

But then again, they are quick to laugh at everything,
and easily melt your heart

as the hugs and kisses flow like wine

So when these Kings and Queen come knocking at my door

I always rush forward with arms outstretched
 to loud squeals of

 "Hi Grandma"


  1. Oh my, they are adorable...and what a fun wish I was eating that macaroni and cheese right now!

    1. Yes, I'm glad I was able to use the children as an excuse for some fab Mac N Cheese. he he.

  2. It never fails to amaze me how much those children look like you...and how good you are at capturing their childish sweetness. How lucky they are to have a grandma like you...especially one who is preserving the moments for them

  3. What a wonderful royal feast and day filled of fun!!!

    1. Ah yes, that MaNCheese was yummy. It was a big hit, even with the little ones.....and they had it all over their faces as proof.

  4. Very precious, Terri! And the menu is just my kind of food :) Perfect comfort food.

    I'm not sure how I missed all these posts recently. (I remembered your last post as taking some holiday time off.) Anyhow, decided to click over to check your blog out and so glad I did. Will double check my link.

    Hope you're doing well, Terri!

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