Sunday, November 4, 2012

~ Give me sequestered nooks~

'Give me sequestered nooks and the sweet serenity of books'

Books, much like my dishes, have a way of overflowing. But I love the look
 of books spilling about.
Books piled up by my reading chair.

Books stacked by my bed.
Books in my tote bag.

"My Library is Dukedom enough. "

'The Bookworm. '
by Carl Spitzweg
which hangs in my library
I love the play of light and shadows in this piece.

Of course you can see why I love him. He's a man after my own heart.
The smell of a vintage book can  immediately bring back fond memories of
visiting old book stores in San Francisco with my Grandparents.
Spending hours perusing  aisles lined with books that whispered to me
.....are you ready for an adventure?
Yes, Amelia Earhart
and Florence Nightingale
 and so many others
beckoned me to sit quietly and let them tell me their story.
I loved these trips to our favorite book stores, with their creaky wooden floors and  their tall ladders reaching to the ceiling. One of my favorites spots had so many book
 they spilled out everywhere. Two stories tall.
Stacks on top of stacks.
 Books in boxes on the floor.
 And books on top of boxes.

Oh to be surrounded by books.
and I pledged that one day I would have a library

Well, not quite

 (no, not exactly)

( Hmm, not this one either)

  ( ahh yes, just right)

Be it ever so humble, my little library nook is a beautiful world to me
And yes, I'm surrounded by books.

as well as some of my favorite items.

I am happy here in this little corner.
A book, a chair, a good light for reading....and I'm off.

These books aren't just items on a shelf
They are my friends. When I look at these shelves, I see  far flung places I've visited from my armchair, things I've learned, laughs and heartaches I've shared with these characters.
And to use a little literary license from one of my favorite characters; 
Ebenezer Scrooge
"Robinson Crusoe, not real? Elizabeth Bennett, Scarlett O'Hara not real ?"
Of course they're real, I say.  Their lives are lived on these worn pages,
and I am free to visit them over and over again.

So I pick up a book, sink into my comfy chair 

 and say to myself
" where shall I go today?"


  1. Terri ~
    Your library is very charming and warm! I love it. Are those custom built-ins? I am very fond of arranging books with various items / collections. The layering of objects and books is so interesting.

    1. Yes, they are custom built, by ....MR. WONDERFUL of course!!! He did such a fabulous job and I had all the fun of dressing them up.
      Thanks Loi

  2. I agree... so warm and cozy! I love it... and enjoyed picking out my favorite items throughout the bookshelf... you know the clock and globe! :)

  3. Your cozy nooks and spaces for books and beautiful objects are wonderful. They add such a personal touch...

    1. Thank you, there is nothing better for me than to be cocooned in my little nook.

  4. Dear Terri, I loved this post....your library is beautiful....I feel the same way you do. Since I was a little girl,,I would use the world of books to escape and dream... and passed that love on to both my sons...if I ever have grandchildren I vow to do the same. I have found your blog through my friend Jermaine, and shall be back to visit. N.xo

    1. Nella, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a sweet comment. Seems we have a wonderful blog friend in common. I adore Jermaine and her blog French Kissed. And I am happy to know that you found me through her lovely blog.
      Have a wonderful day


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