Thursday, February 23, 2012

~ The Picnic~

As I finish up this short series on 'the girlfriends luncheon', I thought I would end on a simple note.

Simple doesn't mean that there's still not a little attention to detail mind you and a little pre-planning.
So I planned a picnic for two at a charming spot by the river.
I packed my trusty picnic basket with homemade 'Muffuleta' sandwiches and potato salad, chips and ice cold drinks.
But in my little world, even a picnic by the river doesn't mean you can't have a tablecloth and cloth napkins. I'm just silly that way.

Pink gingham ribbon to tie around the wrapped sandwiches. Darling little pink plaid carry out boxes for special cookies from the bakery. Pink straw containers used for drink holders. It's fun gathering all the little accessories to set the scene.

The setting was perfect, as if I had ordered it up myself.  A beautiful day as the sunlight danced on the water. This was a totally stress free luncheon, and we still had a wonderful time.

Is there anything more fun than a picnic?

You'll have to excuse the quality of the pictures. These were taken way before I ever thought I would be putting my pictures out into the blogosphere. But I just wanted to share this fun day.

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  1. Oh my! I think that picture is breathtaking! What a darling luncheon that was. And don't feel silly- a tablecloth and cloth napkins make everything an event. We all ought to use them more often :)


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