Sunday, February 19, 2012

~Lunch With Jane~

Austen that is. BFF Gail and I are huge Jane Austen fans. It seemed only fitting that I find a way to weave that into a luncheon theme. Pride and Prejudice is our all time favorite ( the classic A&E version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, of course) Colin Firth is the quintessential Darcy. And NO ONE else has come close.

So we're off to Pemberly for lunch.

The invitation sets the tone

"Don't let your Pride or Prejudice
Keep you from attending the annual luncheon"

The tablescape colors were all creams and golds.

Including the menu card where each course was named after a P& P character

As you can see Jane joined us for lunch, quill in hand. No doubt eavesdropping on our conversation and taking copious notes for her next novel of characters.

The centerpiece was a large cake platter with a ring of white roses and some faux picks mixed in. The pride of place in the centerpiece was a beautiful paper lantern that looked like a Regency Ballroom lit up with candlelight from within. You half expect to see Darcy and Miss Bennett swirling to the music when you peek through the windows.

Soup served in gold goblets.

Lots of laughter over a leisurely lunch, with a best friend. Life doesn't get much better.

After lunch we enjoyed testing our P&P knowledge with this charming game. The object of the game is to survive all the roadblocks thrown at you and ....get married of course!!

I think Jane would find it amusing.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. It's nice to know I'm not just whistling in the dark.


  1. Hi Terri, so glad you came by! What a wonderful idea for a luncheon! The table setting is gorgeous, love that paper centerpiece! This must have been so much fun! xo

    1. Thank you Debra. I appreciate you stopping by. I admire your blog and hope I can get this thing off the ground.
      I can appreciate all the work you've put into yours.
      Hope to see you back here again.

  2. How ingenious and creative! I wouldn't expect anything less! :)

  3. Thanks Christy, make sure to stop by often, to see what's new.

  4. The paper lantern is darling; what a perfect centerpiece to go with your theme!

  5. Hi Terri...welcome to the land of blog! I have glanced through your posts and they are all wonderful.

    Your Pride and Prejudice luncheon is fabulous.

    Thanks so much for dropping by to let me know about your new blog.

    I am a new Follower.

  6. Thanks Pat. I am thrilled to have you here at The Dressed Up Cottage. I have loved your blog for so long, and told many people about it. I have a lot to learn.

  7. As the lucky beneficiary of the Pride and Prejudice luncheon, I have to say it was fabulous, beautiful, and fun....the photos don't even do it justice. You also need to post more photos of the food. YUM!!! That was such a fun day!!!

  8. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I saw your comment on Book Be Bound (I love everything Austen and love their blog), and had to check out your post. I love the tablescape and I HAVE to find that game. I had no idea they had a game! Yay for fellow Janeites. :)

  9. Kerri, welcome to the Dressed Up Cottage. Glad you stopped by.

  10. Oh I dearly love this lunch!!! Where on earth did you find that game!? It's way too hilarious to not go scouring ebay for one. Oh please please please let me come to your next luncheon! If I lived anywhere near your neck of the woods, you'd find me at your doorstep casually wondering if there was any left over Pemberley Pumpkin roll... What a wonderful thing to be able to share the love of Jane with a friend. You and Gail are very lucky :) Thanks for the visit to BeBookBound. I am so glad to find your sweet blog!

  11. Miriam and Kerri,
    I found this game a long time ago from an ad in the back of 'Victoria' magazine. But I bet you could find one online. Perhaps on E-bay as you mentioned. For any Janeite, it's a real treat. Thanks for visiting, hope to see you back here at the Dressed Up Cottage again soon.


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