Sunday, February 24, 2013

~ Have you met my Secretary ? ~

She is a quiet unpretentious beauty
who adds just a little touch of elegance
to this corner of the room

She may have been quiet
but she could hardly have been called a 'beauty'
upon first glance
when Mr. Wonderful spied her at the Parish Garage Sale
 several years ago.
She had been neglected
and left to age without someone to care for her.
But Mr. Wonderful worked his magic
as he rescued her from oblivion

Now there are many good years left in the old girl
and we are happy to have her live with us

But don't let her good looks fool you
she's a model of organization.

She provides all kinds of cubby holes and little drawers
and secret places
to help me keep track of my bits and pieces

As you can see, she's a working girl.

Are you quite finished looking through my drawers????

Searching for the right chair
I went shopping at a little flea market
that is not for the faint of heart
but if one is willing to climb the rickety wooden stairs
to the top floor
to the land of  lost and forgotten chairs
you might just be lucky enough to unearth a treasure.
(well a treasure in the making...if you have a Mr. W.)

I love this Toile pattern. 'Garden Toile' in Parchment

I have always loved desks and all the little accouterments
for desk sitting.

Perhaps it's because my Mother was a bookkeeper
and so I cut my teeth
sitting at a big desk in the back office surrounded by
pens and papers and ledgers to scribble on
Give me a new pen and I'm as happy as can be.
Give me stationery
and I'm in heaven.
It's too bad letters are not written anymore
Because that is what it feels like I should be doing
when I sit down here
instead of paying my monthly bills.

To me, she represents the last of civility
when correspondence was an art
and though I have thoroughly embraced the technological world I live in
cell phones, I Pads, Kindle, Facebook and I'm talking to you
dear readers via the Blog World !!!
There is still a little piece of me that is holding on to the past
 by my fingertips.
Although letters may be few and far between these days
I still love to send cards
or sometimes a little note for no reason at all.

But perhaps I will do something greater here at this lovely desk.

Perhaps I will take Quill in hand
and pen the next great American Novel

Who knows???


  1. What an absolute gorgeous piece of furniture! Mr. Wonderful did indeed do a wonderful job! I too wish more people actually wrote letters, but I am guilty of not doing so myself. I love the art of penmanship and it seems to be slipping away too... let's bring them both back to life, shall we!?
    Beautiful post as always my friend!

  2. This is SO nice... You're right; it seems the art of writing/penmanship and also bound books are going the way of crinolines and corsets but I believe there are enough of us out there who love ALL of the above to keep them least for a few more decades.

    I totally enjoyed peeking through your desk (drawers...ha ha!). You have a beautiful secretary who keeps you organized, keeps your secrets, and keeps looking beautiful; everything a first-rate secretary does!

    Beautiful, Lizzie!

    1. Now if only she could organize the rest of my life so beautifully!!!

  3. Beautiful pics:) I follow you.. I hope you follow me also.

    If you want to see a Lovely shop..check out my new blogpost:)

    have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria from

  4. Dear Terri, thank you for your very lovely comments, and your secretary is something I can relate too very much! Mine was the very first piece of "fine furniture" we purchased the year we were married....we needed a desk for my husband to do some invoicing, so I cajoled him into buying ours...not really adequate for major office work.....I still love ours, so I can understand your love affair! N.xo

  5. P.S. I adore the toile chair! Gorgeous! Xo.

  6. Ahhh Nella, thanks for the comments. I have always loved Toile, but I only use it sparingly....have never had the guts to do an entire room as one usually sees it done. But this pattern always makes me happy. :)

  7. Love your gorgeous secretary. They add that level of elegance to any room. Your Mister did a fabulous job!


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