Sunday, December 16, 2012

~ My Obsession ~

You never know how and when a new collection will start.
You don't set out to start a collection.
You're not even thinking about it, when suddenly while out strolling
through the booths at your favorite flea market
you see her..........
there she is
 tucked amidst an orphaned tea cup and an old Scooby Doo jelly glass
she is lost and forgotten
but she looks beautiful to you
your heart skips a beat
you must have her.
And that, my friends, is how a new collection is born

 The latest object of my affection;

has become my latest OBSESSION
Do you recognize her?

She is the stuff little girl's dreams are made of.

So many wonderful memories came rushing back when I saw her. 
And there you have it.....
the beginning of a new obsession, collection.

This called for a new little tree put in place on my bedroom dresser

Instead of a traditional tree topper, I believe this calls for......

A PINK SHOE, what else?????

and the quest was on to fill it with all the vintage Barbies of my youth. 

Real Vintage Barbies are out of reach for my pocket book and I really wouldn't 
have any place to display them....not quite MY decor. 
But these miniature gems from Hallmark are just right. 

I'm only interested in the Vintage Barbies 1959 through early Sixties.
with all the pretty outfits I remember. 

Tracking down these tiny treasures on E-Bay has been a lot of fun.
Each time a new one arrives in the mail
I'm as excited as a little girl.

Mr. Wonderful just smiles and shakes his head, as I oooh and aaaah over it 
and say..." I remember having this outfit"
It is so sad that the Barbie's today don't have a fraction of the true fashion sense Original Barbie had.

She was always so .....GLAMOROUS 

When I'm purchasing Barbie and her clothes for my little Granddaughter, 
it's shocking how unacceptable most of her looks are now. It's hard to find pretty clothes.

Needless to say little Granddaughter is captivated by this Barbie beauty;

which will all  be hers one day. 
What little girl doesn't love Barbie? Or big girl, for that matter. Ha ha 
Hopefully she'll have fond memories of this sweet tree.
And in the mean time....I'm having enough fun for both of us. 

Now if I could only find .....KEN!!!!!


  1. Lovely post, Terri! Rex sent me over...*smiles*...I also love the glamorous styles of the older Barbies...what a sweet new tradition to share with your granddaughter for Christmas!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gale, glad Rex sent you over. :)
      Come back anytime. And Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Terri, from what I understand Barbie is always in style...she has been around for some time. Very cute idea, the Barbie feeds our girlly girl needs, adorable! N.xo

    1. Nella,
      You're right about 'feeding our girly girl needs' and I'm busy planting those little seeds with my granddaughter.

  3. I've been waiting all year for this post! I adore Barbie and her beautiful/tasteful outfits. This is a wonderful obsession to have... oh I mean collection!

  4. Fabulous!!! I love Barbie...still have my first one and several that came after. I never knew about these ornaments by Hallmark. When she first came out her clothes were gorgeous and very well made. For Christmas one year my sister and I got an amazing assortment of custom Barbie outfits made by Marshall Fields and Co. I'll never forget the blue brocade suit and white fur muff with a little blue silk flower on it. What a great idea to do a whole tree in Barbie and the pink shoe topper is pure delight!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Terri.


  5. Oh you are so lucky to have your first Barbie. I wish my Mother could have seen into the future and made me save mine. You're so right about her clothes being well made, that's one of things that is very different about her outfits now. That little blue coat and fur muff sound divine. Do you still have it? Glad my little Barbie tree could provide a smile.

  6. So fun Terri! I have the original Barbi, Ken, Skipper, etc.. That's how old I am .. ugg...

    Your tree looks so pretty!


    1. Lucky you Leslie. I would love to still have my original dolls. And yes....I had the originals too. YIKES!!

  7. Again, two peas in a pod. I had many books and magazines filled with all the vintage Barbies. I loved their outfits and hats and everything about them so much more than the ones they have today! I love your tree. It's just. perfect. :)

    1. I have a young co-worker who is just like you, Kerri. She loves the Vintage look of the early Barbie. But of course that early Sixties 'Jackie Kennedy' look is so classic and timeless...what's not to love?
      Thank you

  8. wow...LOVE this post, Lizzie. The Barbies of my youth were Malibu Francie, Barbie, Skipper, and PJ. Barbie Country Camper. Barbie Townhouse. What Lori and I didn't have, our neighbor did. A halter top and hip-hugger/bell-bottom matching pants, white with strawberries on them. Not quite the elegant clothes of the 50s and 60s (after all, the 70s were hardly notable for good taste) but they were still beautiful to me as a young girl. I think you've hit a nerve. We women never really outgrow Barbie, do we? LOVE LOVE LOVE your Barbie tree!

    1. Ah yes I'm a firm believer that one never truly outgrows a love for Barbie. Proof is all the happy comments right here of fond memories. I'm sure your Barbie's were just as pretty and filled your head with dreams.


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