Sunday, August 19, 2012

~The Parched Earth ~

Yes, here we are in the long
 Dog Days of Summer

The Brown Days as I call them.

The life has been sucked out of the gardens.
The heat is relentless.
Even a breeze does no good, as it's blowing straight out of a convection oven.
Nothing to do, but find a cool spot (even a concrete step will do) and lie down.

A tall  glass of ice tea always helps.

August has nothing to recommend it.
I'm not a fan. 
Perhaps if I had a birthday or  if there was a special day to look forward to ,
 I would feel differently.
Sometimes I feel a little sad for August, but there you have it.
 For me, August is the unloved step child of the calendar year.
The parched earth
has been particularly thirsty this year
everything is dry, dusty .....and tired

The beautiful fields of corn in an earlier post
have shriveled up and all but blown away.

We are in the midst of a severe drought, and the agriculture in our area has suffered much.
Sadly, this will all be noticeable at the grocery store in the near future.
Smaller ponds have not been able to survive.

This pond is one of the most beautiful and picturesque in our area. But as you can see the draught has taken it's toll here.  The water level is usually up to the dock and there is lots of swimming and fishing going on during the summer months.
It's sad to see it like this.

A lovely creek bed, now only a walking trail.

What was fun in May;
the tending of new plants, the watering, the weeding, the nurturing tender young sprouts
has become a tedious chore in August. The plants once full of  lusty youth have become straggling and pale. They have given their all, and even if there's a tiny bit of life left in them, they still just look sad. So I become , what my son has dubbed me over the years:
 Dr. Jack Kavorkian!!!
I start pulling up plants and tossing them out and emptying pots and planters as if getting rid of the evidence will change the facts.

Not much left to my window box at the moment.
And these little guys know their days are numbered as well.  Sorry.

My Crepe Myrtles at the end of the drive-way 
are still trying to bloom their little hearts out,
 especially since they heard about my latest killing spree.

As I am set to publish this post, I can say we have blessedly had a splash of rain and the temps scaled back  just a enough in the last couple of days, to give one hope. 
A welcome reprieve.

As August thankfully begins to fade
 I turn my cool thoughts to September.

For Autumn is my muse.


  1. Terri - I have been reading and hearing all about these droughts in parts of the country. It really saddens and frightens me. We are so fortunate to have in DC the thunderstorms and bits of rain here and there.
    Take care,

    1. Thanks Loi, I hope we have some real relief soon.
      Thankfully this week we have moved out of the 100 degree temps.....but the drought remains. Send us some of your lovely rain from DC. Can you spare a drop or two?

    2. Terri - I recently heard on the radio that because of the fewer thunderstorms, there are less tornadoes and twisters.

    3. Yes, that is true. That's one positive thing to look at. Maybe that hurricane that's brewing in the Carribean right now, will throw us just a little bit of rain. (WITHOUT ANY DESTRUCTION TO GO WITH IT, PLEASE)

  2. It has been SUCH a long, hot, dry summer. The ground crunches when you walk on it. I think we've lost one of our bushes in the front of the house and possibly a tree. We are about to lose one of my pretty flowering bushes by the deck unless something changes. Fall cannot come soon enough! We need to go to "Hobba Lobba" and walk through the aisles to get an Autumn Color Fix!

  3. I grew up in Southern CA.. where I experienced those hot, dry summers.. and brush fires. Pacific northwest weather is a less dry. The streams dry up and the lawns turn brown. The area you live is beautiful even as it's winding down and getting ready for a time of renewal.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am following via google and will make sure I add you to my blog roll

    1. Thanks Leslie, I will do the same.
      I know your area of the country is beautiful, I grew up in Northen Cal and my father later lived in I am well aware of the Northern Pacific beauty.
      Have a great day.

  4. Oh Terri...I so sympathize with your drought woes and I am so hoping that the change of seasons brings welcome relief and healing to the land and raises your spirits...



    1. Thanks Jermain, it has to end soon. I hope! I am ever optimistic...and I'm just looking forward to Fall.

  5. I'm back for my monthly post and comments on my friends blogs! haha! Oh crazy life. But anyway, your kitty is so sweet. They're just so fun to have around and I love the sweet ball of fluff that keeps me company. :) I too am looking forward to fall. I just love the change of seasons. It gives me a fresh perspective and renewed enjoyment of life. Definitely thankful for that gift. :)

    1. Welcome back anytime, Kerri. I'll catch up with you on your blog as well.


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